**Baker to Vegas 2017**


I stood by the finish line at the 33rd Annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay on March 26, 2017, and couldn’t have been more proud of each and every one of you.  Not only did you finish strong, but you also contributed to the overall success of your teams. Preparing for this event every year takes great discipline and determination, consistent hard work and perseverance.  I am impressed with your efforts and accomplishments and continue to be captivated by your dedication and commitment to each other and this organization.

I was able to make it to a number of functions and speak with many of you.  It was great to be a part of this year's event and watch all of you in action.

Our top finishers included Century Station, placing 1st in the Station category for the second consecutive year.  Wow, this is no small feat.  I guess we know who all the other stations in that tough category will be striving to beat next year, including Lakewood (4), Industry (7), Compton (8) and East LA (9).  They all finished in the top 10 out of 28 stations.  

Court Services placed 2nd in the 800 category, the County Wide team placed 2nd in the Open category and the Women's team placed 2nd in the Women’s category.  

Many other teams faired very well by finishing in the top 10 of their respective categories, including MCJ-3 (Inv), TTCF-4 (Inv), PDC South-North-5 (Inv), PDC-NCCF-10 (Inv), IRC-4 (IMix), CRDF-7 (IMix), Lancaster-2 (ISta), Palmdale-3 (ISta), County Services Bureau-4 (ISta), Medical Services Bureau-4 (IX800), Crescenta Valley/Altadena-5 (IX800) and Personnel Administration Bureau-9 (IX800).  LASD Training Bureau-7 (800) and Detective Division-10 (800).  It was a job well done by everyone involved!  I take my hat off to all those who made another successful year of competition in the desert possible for the LASD.        

Jim McDonnell, Sheriff